Hutton Snellings Exhibit at Neiman Marcus Atlanta

hutton w art

Hutton Snellings had a showing of her art on Thursday night April 16th. Neiman Marcus was the venue that proved a great backdrop for the artists abstract art. If you are unfamiliar with Hutton’s work, might I suggest you take a look. While her career is ascending quickly, you can still purchase one of her pieces for $5800, like my favorite, titled “Character” 54 x 54, and less. Hutton’s pieces are substantial in size and content; she uses a soothing color palette, and her use of the brush leads the eye all over the canvas.

 What I find most refreshing about the artist as I get to know her is that she is very humble about her work. She surrounds herself with family, she is one of eight children, and a group of loyal friends. Her manager, Catherine McGahan, of Rumson Gifts and Home Furnishings, has the same philosophy and has been crucial to Hutton’s recent boost in her career.

 I recently spoke with a couple who commissioned Hutton to paint a personal piece for their home, and they said the experience was enjoyable. She can convert to canvas, the client’s vision.

 Take a look at some of the photos from the event.

art 2

A painting from Snellings’ “Instinct” series

charachter 1

“Character” also from the “Instinct” series

family photo

Snellings with her family


The artist with her sister


Snellings’ Grandfather


With friends

manager 2

Snellings’ manager, Catherine McGahan


Attendees learn more about the pieces

Hutton w art 2

Snellings with another work from the “Instinct” series

For more information about acquiring one of Snellings’ pieces

call Catherine McGahan at 404-441-3599.


To see more of her work visit:


This was a guest post written by Kristin Mayfield Meredith



Catherine McGahan creates custom gifts for special occasions. She owns Rumson Gifts & Home Furnishings in Atlanta.

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